Should You Build a New Pool With Your New Home?

The thought of building your very own house (well, employing someone to construct it) is a fantasy of many homebuyers. There is a special feeling to create a home the way you want it and be the first family to ever live in it. You will have the ability to customize and add any features you want while eliminating any features that you would find undesirable.

The one thing that is going to make building the house of your dreams is the outdoor area. You have plans to build a pool during the construction of your new home. Talk about living like a Baller.  

When can you build a new pool during the construction process? 

The solution is, well… “It depends.”

(I know, I wanted the answer to be more straightforward too.)

The perfect time would be after the major construction is completed, but before landscaping and asphalt or concrete are installed. Naturally, things are not always that simple.

When can I get a swimming pool in my brand new house?

When your house is under construction, you will need to wait to start construction until the property has electrical power. You don’t want to wait too long because you don’t want to wait until the asphalt and gardening installed — mark out the pool and concrete locations. Once you pour the concrete for your pool, you may need to cover it to protect it from other construction.

What to avoid

Make sure the pool has power. You do not want your new pool to sit full of water for long without running through its pump and filters.

The home gets framed up, they finish off the outside of the house, and it looks done. But they are now working on finishing off the inside. It typically takes a few weeks before they turn the power on to the building. The moment the home gets power is a pivot point. Once there is power, you can move ahead with building the swimming pool.

You do not want to destroy your brand new home by messing up the new landscaping and asphalt. Nobody wants large equipment ripping up the flower beds or even cracking their brand new driveway. Your brand new home deserves to appear modern!

We want to start building the pool after there is a spower in the home, but before access becomes cut off and before the yard (irrigation as well as landscaping) is complete.

Protect the swimming pool with plywood if there will be more construction after installation. We have seen instances where a swimming pool was installed, and then it sat for several months. Nearly every moment, we recommend covering the swimming pool with plywood floors, particularly in case, it is near to the building.


During construction, when work is done anywhere in the yard, the debris always ends up in the swimming pool. Nails, cardboard, shingles, buckets, razor blades, screws, paper…you name it. We have virtually removed buckets of material from pools before. It will take forever getting clean.

Even worse, in case you have got a lot of nails in there, and they rust, it is going to stain the floor.

Secure the pool in position with concrete. Get a lot of concrete all around the exterior of the swimming pool.

If the pool’s likely to sit down for more than just a couple months, you want a concrete apron of some type around that swimming pool to keep it from going.

(And hey, 12-inch concrete collar is probably a best practice that is a part of our Champagne Pools Way set up methodology.)

Let’s say it is a rectangular swimming pool. When there is plenty of visitors too near the pool (whatnot and tractors), it can drive the wall space. Concrete is going to keep the pool in place, so it is precisely the same fashion as you left it.

Also, make sure each surface area h2o is diverted from the swimming pool.

What if I’ve already completed the home?

In case you are financing the house, you’ll have to close on the mortgage before you can start constructing the swimming pool.

If you are required to hold off until the home is closed, speak with the building contractor. Ask them, in case. They are in a position to work with you. A lot of times, they can.

The building contractor might wait on things that are small as landscape and irrigation and also applying the last seal layer over the asphalt driveway, so they can come back and also get it done later.

Will the builder charge much more in case you add a swimming pool on the home project?

The home builder is only going to charge more for a pool if they are also the contractor for the swimming pool. In this particular situation, they are going to treat it like every other subcontractor and then include the markup on it.

If you have contracted for the home, and later you decide to put in a swimming pool during the construction. The housebuilder will charge additional for changing designs and also for the time/effort of including a pool.

If you are contracted straight with the swimming pool business, the housebuilder should not ask you for any additional unless there is some extra work that will be required of them.

At Inland Empire Pools, we build and custom inground swimming pools in southern California. Lest anyone feel left out, our pools can also be offered in some other states through our nationwide retailers.

Try getting in contact with us, and also we will be pleased to support you with your pool journey!