About Me

My name is Nick de Bois. Born in Montgomery Alabama, I spent the first part of my life seeing my parents help people buy and sell homes in the Mongomery area. They were both real estate agents. I inevitably got involved in real estate as well but it was not my true love as it had been for my parents. My real passion was in journalism and after a few years as an agent i decided to head west to California and pursue an education in journalism.

After graduating from Cal State LA with a degree in journalism I was set to start down my new career path. Unfortunately, like many college graduates it was not the career I had envisioned.

After almost 6 years in the LA area, I decided to go back to my roots as a real estate agent. I love researching and writing so I have decided to start a blog and guest blog for a few other publications about the topic i know best, real estate.