The MPs' expenses crisis was the biggest scandal to hit modern British politics. It did immense damage to people's faith in politics, parliament and MPs. As a parliamentary candidate, I pledged that if elected I would post details of my expense claims online, every month. I also promised I would not claim expenses without a receipt or invoice.

I'm delighted that on this part of the website I can keep to the promises I made and publish all my expense claims. I hope that this will help to start re-build trust in politics and parliament, and give people confidence in their new MP.

To aid transparency I have provided this link to my present and former declarations of interest.

Since December 2011, and in accordance with my commitment given before the election I have resigned as Director of the business I started, and in addition transferred my shares to my wife who has been a full time employee of the company for 16 years.

With best wishes,


17 JUN 2014

May 2014

Staff salaries £8790.07

Advertising advice surgery: £150

Security measures £127.34

Constituency office water bill £20.37

Further items to be added once processed by IPSA

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07 MAY 2014

April 2014

Staff salaries £8790.07, staff travel £30.30

Pooled staffing resource (Parliamentary Research Unit) £2697.00 (annual fee)

Contact cards £103.20

Constituency office rent (three months) £2125.00; electricity £484.07

Stationery £424.82

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16 APR 2014

March 2014

Staff salaries totalled £9029.18

Staff travel costs £166.80

Constituency office electrcity £381.97; cleaning £10; Building Insurance £80.10; Security measures £48.00

Stationery £7.08

Postage £2.00

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06 MAR 2014

February 2014

Staff salaries: £7,543.58

Staff travel: 25.90

Constituency office cleaning: £10.00

Stationery: £17.80

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07 FEB 2014

January 2014

Staff salaries: £8,781.58

Staff travel: £100.20

Stationery: £571.10

Cleaning of constituency office: £20.00

Constituency office telephone: £52.70

Constituency office electricity bill: £206.57

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07 JAN 2014

December 2013

Staff salaries £8781.58, staff travel £74.50

Constituency office rent £708.33; electricity £289.33.

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11 DEC 2013

November 2013

Staffing costs totalled £8,871, staff travel £65.50.

Computer equipment (relating to apprentice) £288.84

Constituency Case Management System (CMITZ) software: £600.

Constituency office: rent £708.34; water £120.68; electricity £158.40.

Stationery £191.61

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26 NOV 2013

October 2013

Staffing totalled £9981.58.

Staff travel was £147.60

Hall hire for public meeting, £40.00.

Stationery: £420.91

Constituency office: rent £708.33 (plus £1416.67 for next two months, paid upfront); electricity £169.13; telephone £80.90; cleaning of constituency office windows £5.50.

Advertising of constituency office surgeries in newspaper, £150.

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14 OCT 2013

September 2013

Staffing totalled £12,446 - this included the cost of taking on a temporary Caseworker needed due to staff sickness.

Constituency office: water bill £71.69; rent £708; 

Stationery: £557.47

Venue hire for public meeting: £60

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10 SEP 2013

August 2013

Staffing costs totalled £12,371.

Staff travel: £15.40

Constituency office: Rent £708; Telephone £76.99.

Stationery: £5.12

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