Below are more local campaigns and causes Nick has been involved in, including:


Hands Off Our Libraries






Enfield Rail Campaign




Post Office closures





Big Society in Enfield

In  April 2011 Nick launched the Hands Off Our Libraries campaign after Labour-run Enfield council announced proposals to close three libraries in the constituency.

As reported in the Enfield Advertiser and also the Enfield Independent, the council said it expected to close Ordnance Road library, Bullsmoor library and Enfield Highway library.

Residents were dismayed that of Enfield's 16 libraries, the three targeted for closure are all in the north east of the borough.

Nick said, "The fact that we have 16 libraries in the borough is something we should be proud of, not a reason for closing them. I am totally opposed to cutting front line services in this way, especially when the council has millions of pounds in reserve".

Nick started an online petition (which you can still sign here).

Following a lengthy consultation and pressure from residents, Enfield Council were forced to drop the proposals.


The blight of heavy goods vehicles thundering by your house at the rate of over one a minute is difficult to imagine for most people. That however is the reality for residents on Bullsmoor Lane in the north of the borough.

The impact on their quality of life is enormous, and something that I don't think was seriously taken into account when the then Transport Secretary John Prescott MP visited for 10 minutes (not in rush hour) and overruled the application known as the Northern Gateway Access Road (NGAR) which would have eased this daily blight for local residents.

I believe that now is the time to resurrect the application, not least because we can improve matters for residents but because the benefits for the local and wider London economy are substantial.

The plan was for a link road to give industrial traffic using Mollison Avenue (a predominantly business area on down the Lea valley) a direct link to the M25 instead of going through Bullsmoor Lane or Ordnance Road, .

Strategically this will reduce transport times in and out of the borough and help revitalise some of the struggling businesses along this corridor. Our location, close to London and the main airports and motorways, makes us a good choice for business and therefore local job creation. It makes no sense to make it so difficult for those businesses to get in and out of Enfield. NGAR goes a long way to putting right this wrong.

Nick said,

"Good for the local economy and good for the quality of life for local residents is a potential win-win for the borough, and I intend to raise this in Parliament" 

UPDATE OCTOBER 2010: NGAR campaign starts here, says Nick

Enfield Rail Campaign

Nick launched the Enfield Rail Campaign with anxious local commuters Adele Panayi and Chris Jones three years ago.

The campaign objective is to secure massive support from commuters and their families to lobby the rail operators to address the problems that impact on passengers' daily lives - the problems that they put up with everyday, despite increasing fares and poorer service.


Enfield has two rail operators. National Express and First Capital Connect.

 The ERC is campaigning for:

  • Reliable trains
  • A third rail line between Liverpool Street and BroxbournE
  • Safe, clean and manned stations
  • To ensure Enfield commuters get their fair share of the extra rolling stock available from the Rail Operators.

Nick and the campaign team are regularly at stations meeting commuters and the Rail Operators management to lobby for support. They issue newsletters and report back on what progress is being made. In addition Nick ensures he travel from all of the constituency stations to keep in touch with the level of service commuters receive. Do stop and chat to him if you see him!

Nick has raised the issues in parliament, to read his speech and the ministers response please click here.

A key issue for the borough is the development of a third rail line which will not just ease congestion, but improve capacity. The future development of the borough depends upon a comprehensive investment in the borough, more so with the development of the new housing estate at Meridian Water, south of the constituency. The requirement of a more effective rail line is crucial for attracting new business investment to the area as is the development of the Northern Gateway Access Road  Previous governments have failed to invest in Enfield's infrastructure and Nick is pressing the case for investment in our rail and road network in the east of the borough.

The Post Office network remains a crucial element of both urban and rural life. During the final 5 years of the previous Labour government we have seen three local Post Offices shut despite strong local oppostion from residents.

Nick joined forces with other residents to ensure that the strength of local feeling was conveyed to the government.

On the 19 MAY 2008 Nick joined over 100 people who turned out to show their support for one of Enfield's threatened Post Offices in Chase Side. The reception they received from passers-by was fantastic - and it proved just how much local residents want to keep their local Post Office's open.

Despite this clear oppositon, the Labour government at the time approved the closure of Post Offices in Chase Side, Freezywater and Green Street. 

Nick commented "There are times when an MP has to choose between what's best for the constituency they represent or the party they belong to. I know that I will always put the constituency first as a local MP. It is my primary job to put what's best for Enfield North first".

The Conservatives believe in helping people to come together to improve their own lives. The Big Society is about putting more power in people's hands - a massive transfer of power from Whitehall to local communities. We want to see community empowerment, the opening up public services, and people encouraged and enabled to play a more active part in society.

Nick, working with fellow Enfield MP David Burrowes, hosted the first of a series of Enfield 'Big Society Days ' in the Atlee Room at the House of Commons. The reception brought together some of the volunteer groups from across the borough to discuss the thinking behind the coalition governments Big Society. You can read more here.

A list of the voluntary groups currently helping across Enfield and making a contribution to the ' Big Society'  is shown below (please send us your website address if you would like us to link to you or if you would like to be on this page).

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