Nick de Bois - the clear choice on 7 May (26 Apr 2015)

Letter from Nick to Enfield North residents, April 2015

Download (pdf, 806kb)

People from across the political divide are backing Nick (09 Apr 2015)

People from across the political divide are backing Nick de Bois over Joan Ryan on 7 May

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The choice is clear (02 Apr 2015)

Either Nick de Bois or Joan Ryan will be the MP in Enfield North after 7 May - who will you back?

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Future of Chase Farm Hospital secured (17 Mar 2015)

Future of Chase Farm Hospital secured after £275 million investment is approved

Download (pdf, 940kb)

Some facts about Chase Farm - March 2015 (08 Mar 2015)

Leaflet from Nick entitled Some facts about Chase Farm, distributed March 2015

Download (pdf, 977kb)

My Plan (16 Feb 2015)

My Plan leaflet with information on Nick's campaigns, distributed February 2015

Download (pdf, 526kb)

Clean Up Enfield (25 Oct 2014)

Postcard for residents, October 2014

Download (pdf, 103kb)

APPG Bangladesh Garment Industry Report (11 Nov 2013)

Download (pdf, 1238kb)

MP newsletter#4: Summer/Autumn 2012 (21 Aug 2012)

Download (pdf, 1674kb)

Enfield Matters - January 2012 (07 Jan 2012)

Newsletter from Nick, January 2012

Download (pdf, 8869kb)

Crackdown on A10 Racers (25 Oct 2014)

Leaflet for residents around the A10, October 2014

Download (pdf, 380kb)

Enfield Matters - Chase Ward January 2014 (06 Jan 2014)

Leaflet for residents of Chase Ward, January 2014

Download (pdf, 4763kb)

MP urges residents to attend library consultation (18 Aug 2012)

Download (pdf, 1046kb)

Nick newsletter - Ordnance Road library (26 May 2012)

Nick seeks local residents' views on plans for a Joint Service Centre on the site of Ordnance Road library.

Download (pdf, 1053kb)

Chase Ward intouch - Spring 2012 (29 Feb 2012)

Hilly Fields Special edition, Spring 2012

Download (pdf, 769kb)

Town Ward intouch - CPZ special edition 2011 (27 Jul 2011)

Town Ward intouch from Cllr Eric Jukes, Cllr Joanne Laban and Cllr Michael Rye OBE. Special edition covering the issue of Enfield council's proposals for a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) across much of the Ward.

Download (pdf, 886kb)

Enfield Lock - intouch Spring 2011 (08 Mar 2011)

Local newsletter being delivered by Conservatives in Enfield Lock.

Download (pdf, 829kb)

Chase Ward Matters - Hilly Fields Special Edition (13 Oct 2010)

Download (pdf, 1208kb)

Highway: Enfield Highway Herald, Summer 2009 (24 Aug 2009)

Download (pdf, 66kb)

Turkey Street: Turkey Street Times, Summer 2009 (13 Jul 2009)

Download (pdf, 388kb)

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