Nick was elected as the MP for Enfield North in May 2010. He is standing for re-election.

Nick first stood in Enfield North in 2001. He showed commitment to Enfield by standing again in 2005. He stood as candidate for the third time in 2010; after 10 years as the Conservative candidate, he became the Conservative MP for Enfield North on 6 May 2010.


Nick was born into a Service family at RAF Princess Elizabeth hospital, Ely. He has four grown up children - Jessica (28), Laura (27), Madeleine (25),and Alex (24). Nick is a keen traveller, football and rugby fan. One of his daughters is a doctor at The Royal Surrey. His youngest daughter Madeleine works in recruitment and Alex is a business development executive for an event managment company.

In November 2009 Nick was lucky enough to marry Helen who now runs the exhibition, conference and event company that Nick set up in 1990. Helen has two children by her first marriage Bethany and Matthew. Before becoming an MP, Nick worked first as an exhibition project manager from 1984, then finally as Managing Director. He moved the business from London in 1995 first to Hoddesdon then to Ware. He brings extensive experience of business to his role in Enfield North - a constituency that needs to see more jobs, and for more businesses to move into the area. Since the general election unemoployment has come down by 40% in Enfield, with youth unemployment down 50%, and more people are in work than ever before - but Nick is not complacent and is keen to help drive unemployment down even further.

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