After being elected in May 2010 after 25 years running the marketing & events company he founded, Nick has focused on championing his constituents' interests in Westminster and in the constituency.

Key achievements have included running a very successful campaign on knife crime, which saw "Enfield's law" passed in November 2011. Despite initial opposition from the Government to Nick's proposal for a stronger law on youth knife crime, he galvansed support in Enfield and took the campaign national, after which the Government ended up supporting Nick's amendment to its Justice Bill. It meant plans to give mandatory six month custodial sentences to people who use a knife to threaten someone will be extended to include 16 and 17 year olds.

Recently he secured a givernment amendment to the Children's and Families Bill in respect to enable descendants of persons adopted before 30th December 2005 to access an intermediary service has been successful.

On 9th December 2013 the Government supported this amendment to the Children and Families Bill by adding a new clause which recognises descendants of adopted people as having a prescribed relationship under Section 98 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002. The new clause will enable regulations to be made to extend access to intermediary services to those who have a prescribed relationship with the adopted person.

Nick spoke for every resident in Enfield when he strongly criticised the decision to downgrade Chase Farm Hosptial. Describing it as "the wrong decision" and arguing that "Chase Farm needs 24-hour A&E, end of story", he gave his support to Enfield Council when the proposal of seeking a judicial review was put forward. The decision by Enfield Council not to challenge the decision in court was branded as "cowardice" by the Enfield Advertiser.


Nick has also been pleased to hold the Enfield Jobs Fair in 2011 and 2012, the most recent being attended by over 1,600 people. Bringing together over 40 companies and training providers to showcase real jobs and apprenticeships, the event was opened by London Mayor Boris Johnson and helped provide opportunities for people in Nick's constituency looking for work.

He enjoys the role of backbencher where he can ensure he meets his commitment to his constituents and support the government on their key goal of driving economic recovery and jobs. He has however been consistent in his view that the British public should have a referendum and voted against his government wishes in 2011 for a referendum. He has since been elected by his fellow MPs as Secretary of the influential 1922 Conservative Backbench Commitee which regularly meets with the Prime Minister advising him on views of backbench MPs.Nick also serves on the Justice Select Committee.

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